And with these..

Banyak kan? Actually all these has been delivered to the righteous owner..luckily she just wanted whatever in my collection..the order is from BabyHut anyone from Malacca please head to their shop, for our collection!

Take care..owh by the way I am too busy currently handling my other business..not that I am forgetting about crafting, but will schedule myself for all the things I love..

Wish me luck!
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I was so busy for this..

Huge order from Baby Hut Malacca

Anyone would like to have bulk order for your store, kindly contact me
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Maxi Cosi Pebbles

We have these 2 unit pretty adorable car seat for newborn until age 8 months

Visit our blog BabyPinkRides for more pictures and details of strollers

or email me for more info
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Craze about Muffins?

Anyone wants more muffins? Here are some of the muffin, here are some of the freshly baked muffins, ready for sale..


Can be as hairclips, headband badge, applique, or anything that you have in mind..just let me know!
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BPC featured in Disney Princess Magazine

I was so thrilled when Pn Rozela Dahlan contacted me and offered me the opportunity to be featured in her magazine, Disney Princess Magazine issue no 32. I was speechless, and immediately agreed on the offer, with no doubt. Being featured in magazine was one of my ‘to do list’ for year 2010. I want BPC to be a serious business and not just business for fun. I was blessed, when Pn Rozela offered me this opportunity on the same day I tender my resignation. I believe in every decision I made, and believe that there must be a way for me to earn my living, without have to be away from my dear lil one. Alhamdulilah, rezeki ada di mana-mana, if the intention is pure and sincere, insyaAllah, Allah will guide you in any way that we ourselves couldn't believe that it could happen.



I have so many other long ‘to do list’ and even to my dear friend Zaida, said, I lost my focus. Yes dear friend, I need friends like you that will keep me on track, and ensure I keep my focus on the right lane. I found blogging and selling through online are enjoyable, fun and chance for me to meet new friends. You wouldn't believe how many people I’ve met through online, comparing when I wasn’t active few years back. Like Pn Rozela, the editor herself, we are now being close as friend, mother and business alliance. We share most about everything, mothering tips, business ideas, happiness, sad moment, and believe it or not we never see each other, other than through online.


My business, BabyPinkCraft Collection is my second baby. I nurtured her since June 2009, and I myself couldn't believe my eyes that she is growing. My style of doing business especially online, is different. I may not tend to blend with other of my life story, since I believe, this blog is only for business. I am so transparent, people can easily view my private blog ( which now I have least time to update) and there I am telling everything about me and my family especially. People may see that I am not that friendly which I am not. I am an approachable person, and anytime, anyone just can add me through YM and chat with me. If I have time, I will definitely reply your message, and if I don't have time, I will make time to answer any questions through emails.


I sincerely would like to thank all my blog readers, my customers, my followers, and to all my friends, you know who you are, for being with BPC since BPC just a tiny simple blog, until today. I know, there are many of you being silent reader, and I thank you for every visit you made to my blog. I started my counter hit from 000001 and now, it reaches 18,000 (this is not counting page hit, it counts on every unique IP visitor). I am flattered when other blogger compliments me, and keep motivating me to move on, keep doing the good work, and I am honored when some of them encouraged by looking at what I am doing now. I am not there yet. I have my own goal. BPC journey is still far to go, and to reach there might take years and years of hard work. Selling craft is my passion, and to live the living I have to diversify, and that is what I am doing now. I need to keep it simple and small first. Slowly manage it, so I can start learning to divide my time between doing business and being a mom. This is not easy. Juggling time between working at home, and handling a very demanding lil one, is a challenge. I guess, doing online business whilst you are still employed is much more easier, than to have to disciplined yourself doing business at home. Tendency to ignore the business is higher, than to work along the business and the family.

I’ve been writing too long I guess. I better stop here so you can enjoy some snippet of the article. You can get the magazine at your local news stand and join our contest Design Your Own Hair clip, to win yourself one hair clip and designed hair clip for your lil one. Last but not least, KEEP CONNECTED!

p/s : I’ve been dying to post this entry, but I have problem with my internet connection, and here it is, hopefully you guys enjoy the magazine.

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