The Mysterious Black Bow

Especially made for my friend, upon request she wanted black bow for her daughter as she is sooo in love with black. Here I came out with.

Hope she will like it.

This is a 70 mm french barrette hair bow, with length of the bow up to 140 mm.


Request now, for your favorite mix and match ribbons. The exclusivity is the lace ribbons at the back.
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We are registered!

One of my new year resolutions was to get the company registered..and yes we did it! We are a legally registered company with SSM, and please do not hesitate for any business transaction, we will be transparent as we could!

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Maxi Cosi Tobi


Product description:
The Maxi-Cosi Tobi is an universal child car seat for children from 9-18 kg. It must be used on a forward facing seat. Can be
installed by using a 3-point car belt system.

Group/weight class:
Group 1
For children from 9-18 kg
Ca. 9 months - 3.5 years

Conforms to:
ECE R44/04

Size of the product:
Max. internal seat width: 290 mm
Internal seat depth: 310 mm
Internal height of seat: 590 mm (headrest in upper position)
External width of seat: 440 mm
External depth of seat: 565 mm (sit position)
640 mm (sleep position)
External height of seat: 740 mm
Weight: 8,9 kg

  1. Innovative easy-out harness; the harness belts and belt buckle no longer get in the way
  2. Easy adjustment of the headrest and harness belts at front of product with one hand
  3. Side Protection System offers optimal protection against side impact
  4. Extra firm installation in car -> the belt tensioner tightens seat belt securely
  5. Colour indicator to confirm proper installation of child
  6. Head hugger for extra protection for the head
  7. Spring operated handle for changing from sit to real sleeping position (5 positions)
  8. Easy to remove cover without opening the harness by extra opening in the cover
  9. Belt pads are easy to remove/install
  10. Intuitive and easy to read belt routing
  11. Height adjustment of headrest from the front even with child in seat (7 positions)
  12. Lengthen the harness with one hand (no need to push a button)
  13. Cover is easy to remove and washable (spare covers are available)
Email me for further detail and price

We offer cheaper price than retail shop! Compare it!

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Maxi Cosi CabrioFix

Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix

The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix must always be fitted in a rearward facing position (in the opposite direction to the traffic flow) using a standard 3-point seat belt. NEVER place the Maxi-Cosi on a front seat if an airbag is fitted.

Product description:
The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix is an universal group 0+ child car seat for children up to 13 kg (birth until 12 months). The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix can be used on a forward facing car seat fitted with an automatic or static 3-point seat belt which is approved according to ECE regulation No. 16 or an equivalent standard. The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix can also be used in combination with the Maxi-Cosi EasyFix and the Maxi-Cosi EasyBase.

Group/weight class:
Group 0+
For baby’s from 0-13 kg
Birth until 12 months

Size of the product:
Max internal seat width around hips: 290 mm
Internal seat width around head: 230 mm
Min internal seat width (top of head part): 140 mm
Internal seat depth (max): 310 mm
Internal back length: 500 mm
Height (handle up): 570 mm
Total length: 700 mm
External width: 440 mm
Weight: 3,25 kg


  1. Side Protection System offers optimal protection against side impact
  2. Integrated sun canopy: always on hand and easy to store
  3. Practical belt hooks: retain seat belt when seating your child
  4. Ergonomic handle for ease and comfort of carrying
  5. Ideal 3-in-1 travel system combining the Maxi-Cosi/Quinny stroller and carrycot
  6. One-pull harness for easy adjusting harness length
  7. Push button for easy adjusting the carrying handle
  8. Handy storage compartment
  9. Cover is easy to remove and washable (spare covers are available)
  10. Including beltpads & crotchpad
  11. Easy installation and minimum chance on wrong installation in combination with Maxi-Cosi EasyFix or Maxi-Cosi EasyBase

Email me for price

We offer cheaper than retail shop! Compare it!

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Kitty Kat Kelly

Special request for HP Strap..common design of cat, couldn't think much..and the kitty says all!

RM10.00 (padded with nylon filler)

HP Strap
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Twirly Flower

Something different only by adding some ribbons, more to come..why blue? I feel so peaceful tonight..dream the ocean, smell the breeze..


Length : 70 mm

Clip type : 50 mm Snap Clip
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My Frustration

Just to share..

I am so sad, seeing how some people are rating and pricing their handmade so CHEAP! It is a self hardwork and your passion you were putting into, and rating your product at such value? What this will represent your work? Cheap as well? Will people value the art and beauty of handmade by the price or the quality you are representing? Or your price just as price for you to compete with others?

Come on all my craft and creative friends, how can we put an end to this? I know it is their rights, but it is such humiliation and disgrace to people who is passion about arts and crafts like me. Actually, it does demotivated me a little, seeing such people making a big joke (for me it is a joke) and please don't call your self a big handmade lover!!

This article is very interesting, I took from Maya's Blog. Maybe something for those who still do not know how to evaluate and appreciate their hardwork.

10 Mistakes to Avoid Selling Crafts (Courtesy of Maya)

1. Underpricing Work

Too many crafters price their work too low. Remember, you should not only make sure your pricing includes your materials, but also needs to compensate you for your marketing (show fees, traveling expenses, etc.) and your labor.

2. Not Having a Plan

No, you do not need to hire a high-priced business planning firm to make a business plan, but you do need to have a well-thought yearly plan for your business. What shows will you attend and when? How much should you spend on supplies every month? Thinking these things through and writing all this down will help you stay on track and keep you from taking on too many obligations for the year.

3. Starting Too Big

Lots of beginners will go out and borrow thousands of dollars to start their crafting career. Buying the best equipment might seem like a good investment at first, but when lean times come those payments can break the financial back of small business owners in a hurry. Likewise, you should not start out with all the top-rated shows. Local craft shows are a great way to get your feet wet in the business without investing thousands in show fees.

4. Attending the Wrong Shows

This is a problem that many people selling fine crafts and artwork discover when they attend their first street festival. If people are paying $5.00 for hot dogs, you would think they would not complain about the price of your high-end crafts. Wrong! Fine crafts and artwork belong at shows where customers appreciate the work involved. Not at the "Texas Chili Jamboree!"

5. Not Budgeting

Nobody likes to make a budget; therefore many people simply do not. A budget is not some elaborate financial statement that takes days to write. It's just a way for you to tell your money what to do instead of your money telling you what to do! Plan your next month's budget for your business at the end of each month. Start with minimum expenses at the top (things you must have to function like show fees that are due, and the utility bills on your workshop) and work your way down the list to things you would like to do, should you make enough money (like having those brand new custom fliers printed).

6. Not Planning for Lean Times

When planning your budget make sure you allow for savings. That fantastic show in DC may not pay out like it did in years past. If you have funds available for emergencies, you will be able to weather the months when you do not make enough to meet expenses. A good rule-of-thumbs is to have 3-6 months of operating expenses in savings. Yes, for some businesses this may be a substantial amount. But trust me, if you break your arm and cannot produce products for a while, this type of savings will literally save your business.

7. Taking Negative Comments Personally

I've seen too many first-time exhibitors almost in tears because of a rude comment from someone browsing their booth. "I can get a gift like that at Wal-Mart for half the price!" or "I'll just make it myself." are two comments you can count on hearing at almost every event. Unfortunately there are obnoxious people in the world and a lot of them seem to find craft shows the place to practice their skills of offending people. Don't listen to them! If they had the creativity, the skill and the dedication, they would be at home making their own crafts instead of bothering you! While you should always listen to constructive criticism like: "You should consider making this in blue.", there is no need in beating yourself up because of comments from someone who has nothing else to do than harass crafters who are confined to their booths.

8. Following Trends

Just because that booth next to you in New Jersey was selling floppy-eared bunnies right and left does not mean you should start making truckloads of bunnies for your next show. Trends come and go. So do craft business owners who follow them. Yes, you should definitely create lines that may be trendy. If snowmen are "in" this holiday season, you may want to create some to compliment your other items. But you should never simply change your product lines altogether to follow the crowd.

9. No Tax Planning

One of the number one reasons for small business failure is poor tax planning. In order to stay in business, you must pay your taxes! Once your profit margin is higher, that takes planning. I recommend an accountant, but you can use QuickBooks or other tax software to do your own taxes. The main thing to remember is that when you make money, there will likely be taxes due. Make sure you have the funds available BEFORE April 15th. It's also a good idea to keep a separate checking account for your business. Keep any tax savings in this account for easy transfer from you to Uncle Sam.

10. Spending too much

Do you actually need that brand-new trailer to haul your display and inventory from show-to-show? Or will that old van you've been using work just as well? How about a used trailer? Used equipment does the same job and can be half the cost. That also goes for your canopy, cash register, computer and anything else you need to run your business. Remember, you are in business to make money, not spend it!

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Quinny Zapp 2010

This is highly recommend for the daily use since it is very light, compact, and it is Qunniy. This Zapp is very light comes with carrying bag, and so perfectly fit into your car. To those who are pramholic, Quinny is a high end must have baby item, and yes, it is worth buying! You will be envied by others, when strolling this in the Mall!

Comparing the price outside, Quinny Zapp is consider as high end stroller, and been selling RM1300 at retail shops.

We are now offering you Quinny Zapp 2010 for only RM1000, and yes we have ready stock. Make your order, and we will send it at your door steps (For those staying in Klag Valley).

We do offer installment scheme, and just contact us, for further details.

Kindly email me

or just sms


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We are Launching

New and affordable branded clothes for you to choose for your little one, I have so many more to upload, just wait, and be our follower, so you won't miss any new dress uploaded.

You compare and you decide!!

You just can simply click from BabyPinkCraft page to go to BabyPinkCo by looking for this


See the difference, and email me for further inquiry
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Swirly Bow Pink

Fun with swirly ribbons on the hair


Length is 7 cm

It is french barrette clip, snap your lil gal hair up for tidy neat looking..and yet very funky!!
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Fun Pinky Bow

Fun and funky pinky bow


Length is 7 cm

and it is a french barrette..perfect for tie up your lil gal hair up for kindy..
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The Stranger

None sew hp strap monster for the collection


Length : 6.5 cm tall
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Pink Bow

The striking pink bow


Can be snap onto the hair band or wear it on hair

Length 13 cm
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Hot Summer

Pretty Flower


For Toddler & Baby
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The Pretty Rose Garden

Amazing colour, with roses here and there


For toddler & baby
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Pretty Pink Fly

So girlish, perfect for party or dinner


Far toddler
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Pink Yummy

Pretty Pink Muffin


For Toddler and Baby
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Shooting Star

When the star shines


For your toddler & baby

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Precious Rose

Pretty in perfect pink


For baby & toddler
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The Blue Ocean

True blue colour, and perfect at any occasion


Perfect for Toddler & Baby
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Baby Ice Love

Yummy Ice Cream for your little one


For toddler & baby

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The Best Seller

This is so far the best seller for BPC, and I am proud to have this design as one of our retail designs. Perhaps when you see one of these out there, it HAVE to be the BPC's

Each sold RM8.00 per piece

Size suitable is toddler size
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Art & Craft Workshop for KIDS!

Attention to all moms & dads
We are organizing 2 hours workshops on Saturdays for your kids to join and venture their creativity


6th February 2010 ~ Art & Craft Class
Felt Craft

Step by step learning session on making crafts from felt. For girls, they will enjoy making their own hair clips and boys will enjoy making pencil top cover

13th February 2010 ~ Cooking & Baking Class
Cookies Baking & Deco

Your kids will venture on easy steps of baking cookies. They will enjoy spending time baking their own cookies and decorating them

20th February 2010 ~ Art & Craft Class
Scrap Greeting Cards

Paper cutting will always be an exciting activity for the kids. They will be given chances to make their own greeting cards for their love ones

27th February 2010 ~ Cooking & Baking Class
Cupcakes Baking & Deco

Let them play with sugar icing and express their creativity on their handmade cupcakes. We let them learn and experience the baking process of their favorite dessert!

Classes will start at 10 am until 12 noon every Saturdays for the month of February 2010. We will provide snacks and beverages for your kids. Suitable age for kids to join is 6 years and above. For kids below 6 years, supervision from their parents is required. We open our class to parents as well, to spend time with your kids, creating and venturing the new experiences. Every class is limit to 20 kids per session.

Each session will be RM35 and enroll for the whole month session at only RM120. All materials for the craft work will be provided by us.

Dewan Serbaguna (Multipurpose Hall), Kondominium Kristal, Jalan Pualam 7/32, Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Kindly contact us for any inquiries or for booking your session before it’s too late

Pn Suhaila 013-371 3515 or Pn Zaida 013-2502456

or sms or email

This event is brought to you by

The Baby Pink Co (
The Sweet Treats Etcetera (
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MacLaren Tecno XT

Well no need for further introduction, everybody knows about MacLaren and every mom would be happy to be seen with one..

Here is the promotion price for you


(does not include postage fee)

and if you manage to gather more of your friends to buy this MacLaren Techno, you will be given cheaper price..hurry GRAB now!!

And yes, this is NEW!!

Retail Price is RM1200


* Sovereign Lifetime Warranty™
* Maclaren Recycling Programme†
* 5 point harness for added security
* Removable washable seat
* Compact umbrella fold
* Water resistant hood
* High-performance aluminum frame
* Handy mesh shopping basket
* Carry strap or handle for easy portability
* 5 second one-hand fold
* Lockable, front swivel wheels

# Basic Weight~ 6.8kg / 15lb
(without hood, shopping basket or raincover)

# Carrying Capacity ~ up to 15kg / 55lb (US)

# Appropriate From Birth

# Recline Four seat positions

# Wheel Size~16.5cm / 6.5in

# Hood
  • New! Hood design: Air vents when fully open; larger viewing window
  • New! Elasticized pockets hold rain cover & mosquito net
  • Square, with storage pockets
  • UV protective viewing window and sun visor
  • Tilts with extra panel for added sun protection
  • Reflective accents for night safety

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The Start Of My Year

What I do? I re did my page, to be much better, less dark colour, and to be more friendly..:)

I created new logo, but still need here and there changes, not finalized yet.

New project coming up, just continue visiting my blog, and I promise you there will be more products under our new brand name

The Baby Pink Co

Children Couture Collection

( The blog is still under construction )

Children Handmade Accessories

(Our famous handmade hair clips made from felts, and other accessories)

and one of my community services is to have a sharing blog

Expectant & Already a Mom

(to all the handmade blogger, esp producing products for moms n babies pls advert here for free!)

So, for the past months, thank you for being our loyal visitors, and customers, we appreciate your time and valued your interest in our products!

Please leave your comments and I treasured the most appealing comments, and wait for my giveaway!

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