I end 2009 with these..

Happy New Year to all of my blog readers, thank you for your support, and wishing you guys good health and great journey in life..

Keep blogging in with BPC, as we will start introducing more designs and products!

Wait for our comeback with new name and new brand!

Thank you from the deepest of my humble heart!
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Prince Froggy

The Prince Froggy

so handsome, with the sweetest smile ever


Hp Strap, and also can be a hairclips
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Alphabies in Strap

Ordered by my Sis in Law


Can also use O ring chain

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New Quinny Zap 2010


Quinny Zapp of 2010 is now in the market!

We are offering the introduction price of RM900 ONLY and yes it is NEW

(where the retail price is at RM1200 during sales)

You can email me for further inquiry!!


hurry, because you have to wait another 3 months for another stock!

Check at the local retail outlet, and compare the price!

Details of product and color at http://www.quinny.com/quinny/productdetail.aspx?id=29



With additional cost, you can add Maxi Cosi Cabrio below picture for you infant (below 10 months old) since the Zapp can't be reclined. The Maxi Cosi also can act as your baby safety seat in the car. It is just a simple snap, from your car to your baby car.

The below item is not provided by the price!

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Lil Cottage in the Ville

A friend ask me to make a lil cottage house for her, as hairclip organizer..in no time, I have this clear image of a cottage by the river..this is the first trial, she ordered 3 with different type of house..I am trying to make one first..

Hair Clips Organizer RM10.00

Err...actually I decorated more with colorful flowers, just not managed to capture it, sent out already to her..

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The Lil Birdy

HP Strap or just a deco in the car


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Little Hugable Bear

Adorable right? Combination of the little tiny bear with the comfort of red pillow, and settled on the fluffy ribbons, the bear will be the major attention at your ceremony..

The bear is only 5cm height and the fair brownish fur matching perfectly with the pink strands..

I prepared this for my dear friend Amelda..she wants everything surely in pink

You want one? Hurry book yours for your occasion..all of the designs are RM5.50..no matter if you choose the bear or the dolphin..

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The Chain Lady Bird

Made upon request..for a key chain..


The unique and classic is the antenna..bzzzzzztttt!!!
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I am ready for retail!

Here are some of the hair clips..I managed to reach the target but, not even a day, the hair clips reduce to half of the quantity, and I keep sewing again..the demand is very high..and I need to put aside those meant for retail..or else, I wont be able sending these clips out..however, I still appreciate my online buddy, who keep ordering..and also I love keep giving the free gift ;)..

See how messy is my craft table? It's been like that almost a month now..I never reveal my reality of crafting before in my blog, and here just a sneak peak for you guys..and wish me all the best!

Wah..so tiring...but happy!!

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Who says we adult can't have it?

I love this Batman hair clip, usually I will make head turns every time I wore this..may be because the unusual design and plus an adult wearing such clip..

So, who says that we adult could'nt have a little bit imagination and fun? So any adult here would like to try?
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The Love Bat

First time trying with the hp strap..kind of cool eh? may be as ornaments for this Christmas

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The Irresistable

Animal favorite..

Rm6.00 per piece

Choose your design

Email me : babypinkcraft@yahoo.com
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The Irresistable

And again..

RM6.00 per piece

Choose your favourite..
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The Irresistable

The simplicity of design

RM6.00 per piece

More designs to come..keep tune in!
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I rarely post order from customer, well these are some of it..
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The Giffy Giraffe

A revolution in design..

Key Holder and also can be made into hairclips

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Lil Posh Poney

A friend told me that her daughter is so into horse riding, thinking of making a clip for her lil daughter..

I dunno why, but lately I am into animals design craze..been browsing through the net for perfect pattern that can turn into nice hairclips

Toddler Clip

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Happy Feet

Remember him? The little adorable happy feet guy?

Baby Hairclip


Available Immediately!!
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Whally Whale

Save the whale!!

Toddler Hairclip


Available immediately!
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Pretty Pink Garden

It is, indeed a beauty..

The butterfly creates beautiful scenery and protected by the everlasting love..

Some people wish to have this lovely butterfly to represent their heart and soul, free and wild, and yet still so graceful

The butterflies will definitely makes the gifts more memorable..

In pink and white ribbons, for more glamorous we can add laces and beads..

The bunga telur, perfect for any occasion, Aqiqah, cukur jambul or just for a birthday girl's party..
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Upclose & Personal

Just to have clearer view of my bunga telur..insyaAllah, I will upload more pictures during weekend

I've been fulfilling request from my dearest friends for their aqiqah and birthday celebration..thank you my friends!

Wait for more to come ok!
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Aqiqah Bunga Telur

These bunga telur (Malay's ceremony door gifts) were made for my baby girl Aqiqah last 29th November 2009

I can take orders from you guys, at very reasonable price..just state your budget and I'll try to make it happen..we have dolphins, bears, love shapes and flowers..but especially for babies ya..and for boys, I have cars and boy bear..so adorable!

These bunga telur comes with decorated cookies hanging replacing our typical telur (eggs)..something different for your guests..

If you guys interested, YM me for further info at marsuhailam@yahoo.com
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