The Alphabies

Any letter any design..any color and just let me know!


Babies & Toddler

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The Giraffe

The jungle collection..create the wilderness!


for babies and toddlers
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Strawberry Dipped

Inspirational?? I went to Cameron and saw so many strawberries and I came out with idea dipping the strawberry with chocolate the way Dato' Siti Nurhaliza likes it .. :)

Each is only RM6.00 and buy 2 pcs for RM10.00

Suitable for babies and toddlers
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The Red Bow

This is baby hair clip size 50 mm, I use snap clip instead of french barrette
(same as below picture of snap clip)

I have so many ribbons, different colors and you may place the order as soon as possible..

The price is only RM6.00 - 8.00
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The Black Bow

Clearer and better pics..

The bow so cute, even I wore it to the office :)

RM6.00 - RM8.00
depends on the amount of ribbons used

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For Boys

I love these very sisters asked me to make one each for their boys, my younger sister sew it on her boy's cap, and my other sister sew it on her boy's pants..actually at first I made these to be use at the end of pencils or pens for kids..and they asked me for applique..

Well, I am planning to create a choo choo train and little einstein spaceship
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Please DON'T!!

To my customers and friends, I am so sorry for this entry..

I am sorry, but I am very angry with some of the blogger's attitude that also selling hair clips. I don't mind, since it is very healthy to compete and the handmade of each crafter is definitely differ from others. BUT PLEASE DON'T USE THE SAME NAME, for naming their clips..few blogs I met has been using few names that I made up for my hair clips and even has been copy paste my entire word in my every entry..create your own name lah!! If it is hard to create in English, in BM also will be accepted, but don't take others!!

Please I respect your business as well, and what if, I will do the same to you? I will and can copy the exact design of your handmade and claiming it is mine..I will do that if you don't change the name of your product to other know who you are!!

We must be healthy in business or else, we will see, the seasonal bloggers like them will vanish in no time..
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The Bow

Nice bow, with french barrette size 50mm

Limited only for 2 pairs

1 pair only for RM6.00
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Love Bouquet

Sweet love rose garden


For babies and toddlers
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Rose Bow

The sweet rose bud

I sell 2 pcs baby hairclips

and only for RM6.00

yes! 2pcs for only RM6.00
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Hoot hoot

The one and only owl


Baby Hair Clips

Sorry no remake
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Something Different

Well I made these for my customer, requested names on the hairclips..took quite sometime to complete it, and alhamdulilah managed to send it before Eid Mubarak

Hope you like it ya!
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The Lady Bug Blue

The later version and better looking ladybug..

RM 8.00 Toddler/Babies
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Ms Little Sunshine 2

The later version..

RM8.00 for both toddler and babies
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Pinky Hot Cuppy

The other version..

Toddler/Babies RM8.00
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Butterfly Blue

Hmm so sweet and adorable..grab it fast.. also available in pink!!

RM 9 Toddler

RM 8 Babies
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Our Best Seller!

These are our best seller..most of my customers requested this flower..

Toddler RM 8.00
Babies RM 6.00

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The Alphabies

I made something different with my alphabies last night..the idea just flowing in, and I can't stop..a bit different from the previous one, well a change maybe for something new!

Babies/Toddler RM8.00

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Flora Craze

The colour combination looks weird but I like it very much, just wanna show you guys the colour .. :) .Selamat Hari Raya..

As usual,

Toddler RM 7.00
Babies RM 5.00
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The imitation from the flora, an enhancement..evolution :)

RM8.00 for Toddler

RM6.00 for Babies
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The Pretty Lady Bug

The pretty smiley ladybug


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Melting Cone 2 Again

Elyies ordered 2 melting cone..
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Melting Cone 2

Ordered by Elyies

Slightly bigger

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Party Packs

Party pack suitable as a door gift or just a souvenier for the birthday gal..includes 5-6 items or chosen hairclips..

Price ranging from RM20-35

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The Red Bow

My first attempt of doing the French Barrette..this is using hair clips instead of snap clip



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Melting Blue Cone

The ice starts to melt but the taste still so desirable


Toddler & Babies
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Love Pack

Been thinking to have this kind of gift pack for my baby girl birthday party..very sweet and adorable..I am preparing materials for 50 packs at least..

Anyone would like to order or pre order, is very much welcome..

There will be 5 items in the box, and neatly wrapped with matched ribbons
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